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Watch out for illegal copies

fleche  Watch out for illegal copies
Our interfaces are made in Germany, a sign of quality.

All Internet vendors only sell illegal copies of our products, including the communications interface (VCI).
Beware, these copies are bad quality and we decline any liability for the damage they may cause to the vehicles you diagnose, even if you use the original Multi-Diag software.

Counterfeit VCI are not compliant with Multi-Diag currently commercialized software. They do not allow to take benefit from thousands ECUs and hundred vehicles developed over the past years.

fleche  What you risk technically...
Serious damage to vehicles, because the quality of the electrical protections on these interfaces is bad.

fleche  What you risk legally...
European customs and police are very wary of imported diagnostics tools because they are also a crucial link in stolen car networks. If the interface you purchase is intercepted by the customs, the risks you incur may include:

  • Civil liability claims, which can expose you to damages calculated according to the prejudice inflicted on the victim.
  • Criminal liability claims, with penalties extended to 5 years imprisonment and 500,000 € in fines (when the fraud has been committed by an organised group).

Persons committing these offenses do not need to be aware of the seriousness of their actions to be held liable.

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