fleche  Passthru 2 VCI... Vehicle Interface.
Technical characteristics:

  • Bluetooth or USB,
  • Euro5,
  • Passthru,
  • Secure,
  • No OS,
  • Supports all protocols,
  • Multiplexed:dynamic line assignment.


fleche  Access, The indispensable... The economic solution to become a Diag Pro.
With Access, benefit from Multi-Diag 360° software and its Vehicle Communication Interface "VCI Passthru 2" on your PC.

Access 360

fleche  Mobile3, Ergonomic & lightweight... Follows you everywhere.
Mobile 3 is the "all terrain" tool that accompanies you throughout the day:thanks to its clever strap, it fits your arm and attaches to any steering wheel for extra freedom. A new ergonomic, lightweight, thin and compact design, specially designed for the Workshop environment. Hardened protection against falls with silicon reinforcements and ABS PC shell. With its non-slip grip, Mobile3 does not slip and does not scratch the bodywork. 11 inch touchscreen (stylus and finger), webcam, and integrated Bluetooth and wireless modules. Benefit from Multi-Diag 360°, combining advantages of a tablet. A unique solution, design and model patented by ACTIA.

mobile3 360

fleche  XG Master, Performance & comfort... High-end diagnostics by ACTIA.
Robust and hardened, XG Master is specially designed for automotive professionals, to withstand harsh environments, in the workshop and outdoors. IP54 certified, it withstands drops, splashes and dust.Held on its articulated arm, XG Master is very comfortable to use: easy reading and simple navigation via stylus or finger on its large 13.3 inch touchscreen. Its bright screen is visible in outdoor conditions and appreciable to consult technical diagrams. Increase productivity and autonomy thanks to its two rechargeable hot-swappable batteries. A veritable PC, XG Master also offers the best performance:with its rapid calculations, this equipment optimises the performance of Multi-Diag 360° software and allows you to make the most of its user-friendly interface. Running Windows, XG Master may also receive other applications. A French industrial design by Actia.

XGmaster 360

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