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Multi-Diag 360 for VL

...to diagnose & repair


fleche  Key features

  • Ergonomic, ultra-intuitive and appealing, an ACTIA exclusive.
  • Touch navigation.
  • To-the-Point screen: all Business in a single screen.
  • Express Diag: run a diagnostic on all ECUs in one click.
  • Erase all faults in one click.
  • Expert Mode: advanced ECU diagnostics, physical measurements, configuration operations, etc.
  • Detailed and personalised customer reports.
  • All maintenance and repair operations, on all systems, on over 45 makes.
  • 12 updates a year: 3,000 new ECUs, 80 new vehicles.

fleche  Connected services

btn cas pratiques

Practical cases
Find the same fault, on the same vehicle, that has already been solved by the hotline: 40,000 tested cases from our Business Assistance, an online database that grows everyday, searchable by problem or fault code. Sharing experience between workshops, fast.

btn methode guideeGuided method
Follow a step-by-step instructive programme to solve a fault code: Diagrams, localisation and verification of components... Self-study for technicians.

btn doc techniqueTechnical documentation
Directly access the electrical diagram and the location of the components of the ECU on which you are working: instant access, in context.

btn infos piecesParts info
Identify the part in question, check its availability to order it directly using your catalogue: optimisation of flows and responsiveness.



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